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Bodo's Interviews: John Morris / Voice Of Andy | Talks About His Role, Toy Story 5 And Lightyear!

In our first interview with John Morris, we explore his journey into the world of voice acting. Morris shares his early experiences, from his first audition for Toy Story to his reactions when he learned he'd landed the role of Andy.

"Absolutely what's amazing about these films is that they basically have kind of run in real time and so just as I've grown up voice and Andy of course all the fans have grown up and now when I go to events and comic cons and things I meet you know whole families of fans!"

Becoming the Voice of Andy:

John Morris's big break came when he was just a child. He auditioned for the role of Andy in a groundbreaking Pixar film that would forever change the world of animation – Toy Story. At the time, John was only around 6 years old.

"So I was six years old I had just sort of started acting and there was an open call for Andy and they said you know bring your favorite toys to the audition and I brought all my X-Men figures so about 30 figures because that to me was one toy.

I got to that audition and I literally just like drop them on the floor and just started playing with all of them and doing all the voices. They later told me the creative team at Pixar that's what Andy does, that's how Andy plays. So I think they really saw Andy in that."

Thoughts on Toy Story 5:

"You know I'm excited about it, I'm really excited and I think it'll be exciting to see where that goes and you know a lot of fans have shared with me a lot of different theories and things and so I think we all just need to stay tuned."

Thoughts on Lightyear (2022)

"I enjoyed it. I know there was a little bit of confusion over the voicing of Buzz and you know in such which I understand but I really enjoyed it and I love when films kind of go into like those origin stories, that deeper dive."

The Toy Story trilogy (and later Toy Story 4) became cultural landmarks and continues to be beloved by fans around the globe. The films not only introduced groundbreaking animation techniques but also touched on themes of friendship, growing up, and the passage of time. John Morris's voice work played a pivotal role in making Andy a character that audiences could grow up alongside.

Watch the Full Interview

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