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What is Bodo?

What does Bodo actually mean? It has no meaning!

The BodoProduction started back in 2007 when a 10 year old kid tried mashing up letters and came up with the name for the vision he had of having his own film production company.  In 2010 the dream came true and Bodos' YouTube channel was launched. From being a fan of movies at this young age and finding a place where passion for filming brought happiness and enthusiasm, the idea was to give back to people around the world the stories in the films that were so inspiring. With Bodo we wanted to make a mix of different content for the brand. Recreating favourite scenes, making our own fan films or originals, and to create a series of various pop culture media.

Over the last decade, seeing how the channel has developed and grown with the support of our followers, seeing how many people are watching our films is more than we had envisaged. We are delighted to be sharing our stories and keeping the magic of films alive.

"A journey starts with an idea and the passion of that idea grows. Everyone has a story and as a kid with very little confidence and who struggled at school ....despite being told I couldn't achieve many times, I never gave up and continued to follow my dream."

Shahzaib Yaqoob

Founder The BodoProduction

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