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2020-07-27 01_44_53-Making Videos For 10 Years (TheBodoProduction) - YouTube.png

This is an re-enactment of the Black Panther (2018) Trailer with action figures. This was my 3nd trailer re-mades after working on The Last Jedi and Civil War re-anactment.

To hype up the release of Black Panther, I was trying to get this completed during the release time. This project was pretty tricky to film with many issues with weather and locations. I filmed at the same location of The Last Jedi at a local field. The great thing about filming this location is that the set really looks like Wakanda in a smaller scale, this really helps to recreate a lot of the cinematic and iconic shots of the trailer and also add a lot of production quality.

I think the most hilarious thing about this project was using a funko pop for killmonger for most of the video.

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